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When you’ve made the decision your business needs marketing help the first step to make is deciding whether to hire a marketing agency or to do marketing in-house. There are several advantages to hiring a marketing agency over hiring a marketing person or team. The main ones are cost, quality, speed, and stress which we delve into further below.


It’s less expensive to hire an agency than to hire a marketing team. It’s even cheaper than hiring a single marketing person for your company. If you’re ready for a bigger and bolder strategy, you don’t have to hire additional workers. The agency takes care of that for you. An agency is an expert at what they do. If you’re ready to add more to your marketing strategy, an agency is prepared to that. It takes out having to find and hire an expert in that marketing field.


Your company gets access to experts in every aspect of marketing. When you assign one of your employees the task of marketing they will still have their day-to-day task to do. In turn, the marketing either doesn’t get done or it doesn’t get done properly. This results in not receiving the results your company needs. 

An agency also has access to tools and programs that are costly, but will provide you with the best graphics, analytics, etc. This will clearly layout exactly what needs to be improved and shows you exactly who your audience is, and what they’re interested in. This allows the agency to more directly target to your specific audience.


An agency has the ability to start on your projects right away. They don’t require any additional training and they have a team of people which makes the process faster and more efficient. Once you realize your business needs marketing help you want it right away. An agency has the ability to do that, whereas hiring and training an employee takes a great amount of time.


Agencies take the stress out of everything because they take care of everything. Your marketing strategy no longer has to be on your mind unless you want it to be. This allows you to invest more time in other areas of your business because, as we know, business owners are extremely busy and they need all the time they can get. 

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