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We often get questioned if blogging is outdated. Blogging actually still offers many benefits to your company, especially for small businesses. Starting a blog can be difficult, but when done correctly, can become an integral part of your marketing strategy. Below we discuss the advantages of blogging in detail.

Organic Traffic

Blogging has a direct affect on your website’s SEO in a positive way. It can drive more organic traffic to your website by posting blogs about educational or entertaining topics related to your industry. The best type of blog answers questions that people are searching for. That way, when they search for the answer to that question, your company blog will pop up leading them to your website. 

Brand Awareness

Once users are able to find your blog, this will allow your brand awareness to increase. They will then become knowledgeable with your company and what it has to offer. As long as you’re producing high quality content that contains relevant information and keywords, your company will become more discoverable, and in turn, build leads.

Connect With Customers

Your blogs can create value for your customers by providing a better customer experience. No one wants to follow a company that is constantly trying to give them a sales pitch. Your blog should give information or entertainment to your customer that will benefit their life. A good company blog adds value to their users who, in turn, trust that brand.

Become an industry leader

Blogging is a great way to establish trust for your company and become known in your industry. You can show how knowledgeable your company is in its industry by providing free, high quality, content to users. Your company blog can also become the go-to resource within your niche which will create more leads and increase conversion rates.

If you’re interested in increasing exposure for your website and brand, blogging should be added to your marketing strategy. If you don’t have the time or resources to write blog content, you can always outsource your posts to a marketing agency, like ourselves, who will craft high quality blogs for you. Check what Murray Media Group can do for you when in comes to our Blog Services.

Here are some other tips on how to manage your company blog.

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