Direct Mail Marketing

If a direct mail campaign is one of your marketing initiatives, Murray Media Group is your best solution! With decades of experience in media, advertising and printing, we have processed millions of pieces of direct mail for our customers. It begins with the secure management of your data, followed by our award-winning print production, and finally the delivery of your mail right into the hands of your recipients through the USPS system or any other delivery method you choose. This service can include a variety of materials including postcards, letters and brochures to garner consumer responses.


  • NCOA/CASS Certification
  • Presort First Class for Bulk Mailings
  • Ink Jet, Color and B/W Laser Addressing
  • Card and Magnet Affixing
  • Accutraceâ„¢ Intelligent Mail Barcode Tracking
  • Inserting: Standard and Mail Match with
    Camera for 100% Verification
  • List Purchasing
  • Database Management
  • Drop Shipping