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There is a multitude of options when it comes to online advertising. But, as we know Google is king and they offer two effective ways to reach your target audience – Search and Display ads.

If you’re not a marketer, you might be thinking, “Wait, those are two different things?”. Yes, they are two completely different types of advertisements! It’s great to use both in your marketing campaigns as they each offer their own advantages.

In this post, we’ll discuss the difference between Search and Display and how to, if you should, add it to your marketing strategy.

Google Search Ads

Let’s face it. It’s difficult and takes time to rank high in your keywords on Google. This is even more true for those who have very highly competitive searches. Google Search Ads, aka Pay Per Click, aka Search Engine Marketing, allows you to be found high on the search engine results page. 

How this works is you choose a keyword or keywords that consumers would be typing into Google to find the product or service you provide. Then you bid on those words and your ad will appear at the top of the search results page, in the sponsored section. 

For example, if you sell Texas-themed mugs and you choose “Texas mugs” as a keyword for your campaign. When a consumer searches for “Texas mugs”, it will be your ad for your mugs that shows up at the top of the page. 

So, now you might be wondering if Google Search ads are right for you. There are two things to consider before deciding.

First, what is your budget? If you have a lower budget, search ads are better than display ads because they are more likely to drive direct conversions. Second, how is your organic traffic? If your organic traffic is very high then search ads aren’t necessary, but most businesses can’t rely solely on organic traffic. 

Google Display Ads

Unlike search ads, display ads aren’t shown on Google’s results page. They, instead, are displayed across different websites that consumers may be viewing. 

Display ads allow you to put your ad in front of consumers’ faces without them ever searching for you. It introduces your product or service even if they didn’t realize it was something they were interested in.

They can also appear in a few different formats – on websites as text or banner, in Gmail in personal inboxes, and on mobile apps. Google also provides a variety of targeting options so you’re not just “shooting in the dark”. 

So, now you might be wondering if Google Display ads are right for you. There are two things to consider before deciding.

First, do you want to build brand awareness? The more people are familiarized with your brand, the more likely they are to choose you. Second, do you have photographic products? You can use images in Display ads that can show off your product which will catch the users’ eye more.

Knowing when to use the right advertising platform is key for a successful marketing campaign. They each give you different results that can be used together to encompass a prosperous marketing strategy. Let Murray Media Group take care all of your Search Engine Marketing so you don’t have to!

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