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Social media marketing takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not as simple as posting a promotion once every few weeks and seeing new customers roll in. It takes consistency, creativity and mostly, patience.  It takes a while to build up a following and to see real results from organic social media marketing.

If you want a quick fix, this is not for you, but if you want a lasting fix, this is what you need. In this scenario, social media ads would be the sprint and organic social media marketing would be the marathon. Ads will get peoples attention, but the marketing is what will keep them a customer.

So, back to the original question here, how long will it take to see results? If you are consistent and do your research on what you should be doing (or pay an expert to do it for you), you can see great results within 4-6 months. This being said, I don’t want to make this sound simple. This takes a ton of effort and hours of work each week to see really good results. And when I say consistency is a must, I mean it, but if you can’t come up with something to post it’s better to not post at all than to post something irrelevant and lackluster.

This why hiring an agency or specific person to work on your social media is common and extremely helpful. Most people don’t have the knowledge or time it takes to really make their social media work for them. Here at Murray Media we offer social media management for this very reason so make sure to take a look!

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