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A great way to measure the success of your social media efforts is by your engagement. The better your engagement is, chances are the higher your follower count will become. Therefore, allowing you to increase your brand awareness, leads, and customer acquisition. 

But first, what is social media engagement?

Engagement is how a user interacts with your social media content. It is shown as metrics such as likes, shares, comments, retweets, and click-throughs.

Social media for business isn’t just to promote what you offer over and over again. It’s to create a dialogue and genuine relationships with your customers.

How to increase social media engagement


Social media polls are becoming more and more prominent. Almost all social media platforms have the option to create a poll for your audience to vote on. They’re a great way to get to know your consumers. This increases your engagement and helps you learn more about your audience. Above all, this allows you to target your audience more efficiently.


Sponsoring a giveaway is a great way to receive a ton of engagement. You do this by posting a picture of what a lucky customer will be able to win and let them know how to enter to giveaway. This is usually awarded to someone who has liked the post, tagged two friends in it, and shared it on their own social media pages. After that, for all those who do this, one person is randomly chosen and they get awarded that free product or service. It’s a small price for your business, for a large increase in brand awareness and leads.

Ask a question

Asking a question in your post gives users a reason to comment on it. There are plenty of questions you can ask that still relate to your business and industry. In other words, asking questions encourages a conversation where both users and you can discuss the topic. 

Feature pets

Pets, whether it be cats, dogs, birds, goats, whatever animal, triggers an automatic positive response from your audience. Everyone loves animals, we even have an entire issue dedicated to pets for our Living Magazines. You can ask people to comment photos of their own pets as well. How often do people show you photos of their pets unsolicited? They’ll be even more excited when it’s asked for!

Don’t end the conversation

People often make the mistake of quickly ending the conversation. If someone comments on your post saying “Great article!” or whatever it may be, don’t just respond with “Thank you.” Follow it up with a question to continue to engage your audience. This tells them that you actually care about their thoughts and feelings which creates a stronger relationship. 

In conclusion, receiving engagement gives you traction from social media’s algorithm. Having an advantage with the algorithm will put you in front of more people’s eyes. If you’ve been struggling to get your posts in front of your audience, try one of these five techniques to increase your engagement with your social media marketing.

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