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Many small businesses are making the switch to conducting their business digitally. This is something most don’t have any experience or knowledge in. But, this also creates a new opportunity for these businesses, you can connect with your customers digitally, too!

It gives you the time to learn a new way to connect to your customers digitally. Something that you can continue to do after we all get back to normal will only improve the way your business works.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can pivot your business model from traditional to digital.

Create a new digital experience

You now have an all-digital customer base, so now you have to cater to them. If your business offers products, you can offer one-on-one virtual meetings where you show them the products you offer and can answer any questions they may have. You can also do this on Facebook or Instagram live, where your followers can join in and ask questions and make comments in real-time. 

You can also offer something that benefits all your customers who are at home with very little to do. For example, things they could DIY at home, tips on how to stay productive, games to play at home, how-to videos, etc. It can be anything, just relate it to what your business already offers. Your customers will appreciate anything you do that will aid them.

Offer flexibility

Your customers are hurting too. Many of them have lost their jobs or have had their pay cut. You can help them by offering lenient payment and free delivery options. You can even offer no expiration date on gift certificates which will incline customers to purchase them now so they can use them later.

Contribute to your community

Do whatever you can to help your community. This doesn’t just have to be a monetary donation. We’ve seen some restaurants offer the donation of a meal to an essential worker each time a customer purchases a meal. There are also companies that are having their employees make masks to donate to hospital workers that are also available to be purchased for the general public.

Whatever it is that you choose to do, let your customers know what you’re doing on social media. They will likely highly support what you’re doing and will want to help in any way that they can.

In these uncertain times, the key to success is to stay creative and adjust to the changing landscape. You can connect with your customers digitally and make a positive impact in your community.”

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