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Customer service is more important than ever. In today’s world, it’s so easy for a dissatisfied customer to spread the word about how they feel about a company. Therefore, the consequences of poor customer service can quickly result in a loss of customers.

So how do you avoid the worst customer service mistake you can make?

With Yelp, Google, and all the social media channels for customers to express their dissatisfaction with a company, there is one thing that makes the company look worse than the review itself. No reply.

The majority of the time if you respond to customers’ complaints attempting to resolve the problem, it will make the customer appreciative of the effort. This will make the situation better and conclude with a satisfied customer. When a company chooses to ignore the complaint, it shows everyone, that the company does not care. Even if it’s not true that you don’t care, that is what will be portrayed to the public.

The “no reply” move can cause harm to a company in three different ways.

  1. Current customers
    If you have a repeat customer they expect to be accommodated and treated extra special. We all know it costs less for a company to keep a current customer than to find a new one.
  2. Likely customers
    If someone close to purchasing comes across an unresolved issue, they will find a competitor to go to instead.
  3. Leads
    If a lead reads your reviews and sees that you choose to ignore the negative ones, they will turn away and find someone new.

The technology that makes it easy for customers to review companies, makes it equally as easy to respond to them. The tools are available for any size company making the no reply at all, inexcusable. So, when the time comes and you receive a bad review (because it’s bound to happen) do your best at resolving the issue in some sort of capacity. Let Murray Media Group handle this for you since you have other major things to deal with visit our reputation management services to learn more.

Here is another resource on other customer service mistakes not to make.

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