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We’d all like to think that when a user visits your website, they’ll like what they see and will want to purchase your product or service. But in reality, over 95% of website visitors are not ready to buy. This is where retargeting comes into play.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of online ads that targets people who have previously visited your website. 

You can probably recall a few times when you were viewing a product or searching for a certain type of product and then for the next week it’s like that product has been following you everywhere. That is retargeting.

Retargeting can work with website banner ads, apps, and search ads. It’s a great way to remind people of what you offer. It’s also a successful tool because you already know that who you’re targeting is interested in your product or service. 

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting works by utilizing a user’s “cookies” to know who has visited your website or clicked on your ad. Then, later on when the visitor is browsing the web, those cookies will tell your retargeting provider to show your ad to that visitor. The visual below shows how these campaigns work.


Retargeting Campaign Goals

When it come to creating a retargeting campaign brand awareness and conversions are two main goals. The more a person is familiar with your business, the more they trust it. If they trust your company they will be more likely to do business with you. This is why brand awareness is so important. Once people are more aware of your company, it’s recommended to change your goal to conversions. If you sell a product, this is great for people who have made it to the check-out page, but never completed the conversion.

No matter what you decide you want your campaign goal to be, make sure to decide on your goal, and determine where you want your ads to run before creating the ad copy and creative. This will ensure your entire campaign is tied together and enhances each aspect. Overall, retargeting is a great way to keep your visitors engaged and reminding them of what your company has to offer.

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