UX stands for user experience and is often referred to when discussing how a user interacts with a website or app. The goal of UX design is to create a simple, pleasant, and efficient experience for the person interacting with the product.

The iPhone is often spoken about when people describe great UX. This is because almost anyone can pick up an iPhone and innately know how to use many of the functions. It’s straight-forward and just makes sense.

The why, what, and how is what is taken into consideration for designing good UX. The why includes what the users’ motivations are for choosing this product and what values and views they associate with it. The what involves the functionality of the product and the features it offers. The how is creating the design of the product to be easily accessible and pleasing to the eye. 

Below is a graphic to better understand all that goes into UX design.

The UX Process

The UX designer is constantly thinking about the user. Everything is designed around the users needs and how they would interact with the product. This is because they’re the ones that will be using it.