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Everyone’s world has been flipped upside down. We’re all worried, we are all uncomfortable with the unknown. Whether you’re the owner, CEO, director, manager, etc., if there are people working under you, they are looking to you for answers and you need to understand what your employees need from you right now. 

There are 3 things your employees need from you during this crisis.

Open Communication

It’s important to consistently let your staff know what is happening within the company. Have there been any layoffs? Has there been a plan developed for the expected recession? What is that plan? Based on new updates from the government, how does this affect the company? What is the short term and long term plan for the employees working from home? 

You need to be updating your employees at least once a week, if not more. The more the better. Even if the update is the same as last week’s update, it’s comforting for your employees to know you’re still keeping them and their concerns in mind.


Trust is something that is two-way street. You want your employees to trust you and you should trust your employees. Why hire someone you don’t trust to get their job done and produce good work? 

To build trust with your employees, be honest with them. Chances are a few of them are asking you questions about what the company is planning on doing next. If you don’t have an answer for them, it’s fine to say you don’t know. Let your employees know your expectations while they work from home, and then give them the space to work. Being invasive shows that you have distrust in them, which kills morale. 


Put yourself in your employees shoes. If an employee is expressing concerns, try to see things from their point of view. Brushing off their feelings and concerns makes you seem careless and lowers spirits. 

Ask them questions to understand what can help them be productive during this time. What resources could I provide to you that will help you? Is there something you’re struggling with that I can offer support on? Is there any information our company has released that I can help clarify? 

Even if you can’t relate to what your employees are going through, you can still show them that you care.

It’s hard not to constantly read and watch the news right now. It’s hard not to think about the situation we’re all in right now. Any way you can ease your employees mind will help increase productivity and make them feel just a touch more relaxed.

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