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As a local business owner, it’s easy to lose patience with whoever is managing your local SEO when you see minimal results. You hear that these digital services help other companies immensely, but why aren’t you seeing substantial results?

Many people assume that because it’s the internet, anything you put in you get out instantly. SEO just does not work that way. The efforts put into SEO takes quite a bit of time to see significant results. Therefore, you can do everything exactly right, but you may not see results for months.

A good way to think of SEO is as if your website is building trust with Google. You can do everything right with someone one time, but that doesn’t mean they trust you. You can’t build trust overnight, so don’t expect to improve your search ranking overnight either.

How does Google determine its search results?

Once changes have been made to improve your SEO and website, Google has to crawl and index your web pages. This is to review the new information that has been provided. This process can take anywhere from days to months. 

The same goes when you submit your information to a directory or for Google My Business. You have to wait for it to be reviewed by Google before you see any changes in your SEO.

Also, keep in mind that SEO is not a one-time thing. It requires regular maintenance. This is because Google is constantly changing its algorithm, which changes how websites are ranked. It’s also not advised to pause your SEO maintenance at any time. What you stop doing now will reflect for a few months and it will lower your rank. 

Local SEO is something that takes a lot of time and effort but it is so important if you want locals to be able to find you digitally.

If you’re looking for a way to drive traffic to your website while your SEO is being worked on, paid advertising is a great way to get your presence going. It can get things going for you while you eventually start to rank higher in the results page.

Let Murray Media Group handle all of this for you so don’t have to check out our search engine optimization services.

Here is another resource that may help understand how search engine optimization works.

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