Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Are Going Up – But We Have The Work Around!

Meta revealed on Thursday that advertisers will soon face a 30 percent fee for boosting the visibility of their posts within the iOS applications of Facebook and Instagram. This adjustment, slated to begin later this month, is a response to Apple’s 2022 App Store modifications, which expanded its typical 30 percent commission to include boosted posts, treating them as digital purchases.

The update affects Meta and similar platforms by introducing additional costs for in-app transactions aimed at enhancing content reach. According to Meta, small business owners and influencers using the iOS platform for post boosting will now encounter an additional expense due to Apple’s service charge applied before any taxes.

How to avoid the 30% fee:

Meta provides an alternative to avoid the Apple fee by suggesting that boosts can still be purchased through the websites of Instagram and Facebook on either desktop or mobile platforms. The company is keen on keeping the boosting feature available, highlighting its value for small business promotion. For iOS app users wishing to boost posts, Meta has set a new prepayment system, requiring users to preload funds to cover both the advertising cost and the Apple transaction fee. This change is initially rolling out in the US, with plans to extend to other regions and countries throughout the year.

Apple maintains that its policies require digital goods and services purchases within apps, including post boosting, to undergo the standard in-app purchase process. This stance underlines ongoing debates between Meta and Apple over policy and fee structures, further complicated by recent developments like Apple’s additional taxes on alternative payment methods and new charges related to alternative app store listings in the European Union.

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