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Even though digital marketing is becoming more and more popular, most companies are still using print. This is because print marketing wins over digital marketing in certain circumstances. So when does print win over digital marketing?

Print marketing targets three out of the five main senses, while digital can only stimulate one. We can only sense digital with our eyes, but with print we can utilize sight, touch, and smell. Print ads allow consumers to physically interact with them, making them more memorable.

The digital world is so fast paced, consumers spend less time looking at a digital ad compared to print ads. This triggers a stronger emotional response to the ad, which transmits the message into the consumers mind, even if it’s subconsciously.

Consumers trust print ads more than digital ads. There have been several studies showing that print ads are trusted over any other ads including TV, radio, billboards, and podcast ads. In a day where consumer trust is low, it’s important to find ways to portray the authenticity of your company.

Consumer responses for direct mail are extremely high compared to any other direct marketing medium. There was an article released that we had shared on our Facebook page about Nordstrom cutting down on their direct mail and immediately seeing a loss in sales. They went back to their previous direct mail strategies and regained their loss.

Ultimately, there are positives to both print and digital marketing. The best marketing strategy involves utilizing both in different ways. Ignore those saying print is dead, because print is here to stay! So why not learn more about Murray Media Group’s print publications!

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