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We, at Murray Media Group, have developed a great deal of knowledge about selling. We not only have a team of sales people, but we also have the experience our owners have. With that combination we have learned a lot about selling. One thing we’ve learned is cold calling is rough, but warm calling is likely to generate appointments. So let’s discuss what is the best time to make a sales call.

Once you’ve found a lead that is interested in your product or services, it’s vital to contact him or her. But, knowing when to pick up the phone and giving him or her a call can be the difference between getting their voicemail and getting a meeting.

The Best Days for Sales Calls

Mid-week is always the best time to call prospects.

On Mondays people are planning out their week, getting back on track after the weekend, and  have a long to-do list they have to get started.

On Fridays people are ready for the weekend. They aren’t interested in conversing about a new project, their brain is barely working at this point. They only have a few things left on their to-do list and that’s all they’re going to get done for the day.

But, in the middle of the week people have time to discuss a new project, they’ve gotten a portion of their work done, they’re ready to talk. On a Wednesday your chances of talking to a person rather than their voicemail are much higher.

The Best Times for Sales Calls

The best time to call a prospect is when they’re not too busy to talk. So how do you predict that?

In the morning between 7am and 10am are never good. They’re like just trickling into work and starting off their day. They likely won’t answer a sales call during this time.

Between 11am and 12pm are great! Why? Because they’ve gotten their day started and they’re about ready for lunch. This means they’re finishing up whatever current task they’re working on and are not likely to start a new one. They have time to kill until they’re ready to break for lunch.

Another great time to call a prospect is between 4pm and 5pm, for the exact same reasons as stated above. It’s the end of the day, they’re not starting a new task, it’s the perfect time to take a phone call.

At the end of the day, persistence pays off! We’re all on different schedules, so not every person will be available from 11am to 12pm or from 4pm to 5pm. These are just general guidelines to help you out. 

The chances of you reaching contact with a prospect become higher with each call and become highest at the sixth call over a 15 day period. 

You may find different strategies work better for your particular business, but it’s also good to test different approaches and adopt the ones that work best for you! Make sure to check out our services and let Murray Media Group be your personal marketing team!

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