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You can increase your organic reach, engagement, and brand awareness by utilizing your own employees. When your employees share or engage with your social media posts, you’ll see an uptick in these metrics. This is because their interaction with your post is showing up on their friends’/followers’ timelines. So lets go over how employees Can Improve Reach And Engagement

Not all of your employees need to participate, it’s best if it’s voluntary rather than mandatory. And the number of employees that should participate is up to how large your business is. In addition, how many of them are willing to partake in engaging.

Have Your Employees Follow All Of Company Social Platforms

Once you’ve found the employees that are going to take part, make sure they follow all of your company’s social media channels. When they come across a post they like, have them share it or comment on it. Even better if the comment is conversational, so others are tempted to join in on the conversation. 

Keep Your Employees Updated

Let your employees know when you’re going to plan to share big news about the company. That way, your employees can look out for those posts and share them when they come out. It’s exciting for most employees to share their company’s wins on their personal accounts. 

Return The Favor

Share your employees’ posts that have to do with your company. If there is a birthday or an event or your company is celebrating a holiday, an employee may take photos and post them on their social media accounts. When that happens, ask them to tag the company in these posts and then you will be able to share them on the company page as well.

Follow Up With Your Employees

After your employees share or comment on your company’s posts, let them know how much better than post did compared to a post where there wasn’t employee participation. You can screenshot analytics and share them with the employees who engaged with the post to show them that what they do actually helps.


Your employees are such valuable assets and you can leverage them for more than you may think. When your employees are excited to work for your company, they will be more willing to share what’s going on and what your company has to say. This creates authenticity and trust in your company for not only your employees, but potential clients as well. Let Murray Media group take care of your Social Media Management today!

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